Patient Stories

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Retraining the Brain: Read Katelyn’s Sound Therapy Story

Katelyn was on I-95 driving home from visiting friends and family when another car crossed two lanes of traffic and struck her vehicle. The next thing she knew she was on the side of the road covered in glass, calling the police. At first the 31-year-old

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A Body in Motion: Read Elizabeth’s Story

Singer. Dancer. Teacher. Performance is just part of Elizabeth’s DNA. “I tutor in the music department at Mercer County Community College, and I perform in the Kelsey Theater, so I am always moving,” says Elizabeth. Always, that is, until two herni

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Paratrooper Returns to Duty

The irony isn’t lost on Sergeant First Class (SFC) Michael Cahill. As a paratrooper in the United States Army, Mr. Cahill had survived numerous jumps and missions in Iraq unscathed only to suffer a crushing injury during a training jump away from combat

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Circle of Strength: Where Rehabilitation Meets Amputation

Rehabilitation, by its very definition, means a return from difficulty. Few experiences are more difficult than that of limb loss. For these patients, movement is the way back. It is estimated nearly 2 million Americans are living with limb loss, the majo

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No Mountain High Enough: Read George’s Story

In August 2011, George Scherer climbed Mount Washington. The hike, at just under 4 miles, has a vertical climb of more than 3,000 feet — a challenge for someone at any fitness level. George was not your average hiker on the mountain that day. Just six w

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